Your Own Unique Page (YOUP)

So how does a Test House guarantee to be found individually? – by buying a different kind of improvement as described below.

YOUP (Your Own Unique Page)

A YOUP is a page on our site that is dedicated to an individual Test House. This is the most flexible and powerful way of making your Test House stand out from ALL the other listed Test Houses on the site. (Currently standing at 350). Combined with the SEARCH page this gives any site visitor the ability to select your site through Unique words.
This page has all the benefits of a Premium Entry. In addition to this a YOUP has a 2000 character maximum description field and a photo/image gallery of up to 10 photos/images.


In addition to the PREMIUM entry information:-
1) A YOUP will have a unique page dedicated to a single Test House
2) A YOUP will also have a Basic Entry with a link to the YOUP ( for list browsers}
3) A YOUP will have a Gallery of up to 10 photo’s/images.
4) The Test House can add a Description of its services, capabilities, facilities etc. (Max 2000 characters) There are both Conditions and Restrictions concerning the contents of the Description space.
5) The MAJOR benefit of a YOUP is the way it interacts with the Site Search facility. (Described in detail below)


1) Each YOUP costs £100 / $US 120 / €Euro 115 per year.
2) Each YOUP is time limited. The year runs from January 1 to December 31 and there will be a pro-rata charge depending on the month the page was ordered.
3) There will be NO limit to the number of YOUP.s.
3) If a YOUP is not renewed the Test House will revert back to a BASIC entry.

Conditions and Restrictions

As both owners of the site and publishers of the YOUP we are responsible for its contents. So with regard to the Description section we retain the right to either refuse to publish or edit it to meet our conditions and restrictions as follows – The Description:
1) must be gender neutral and in-offensive to the public at large
2) must not contain sexist, racist or anti religious material
and to stop any unfair marketing advantages the Description cannot contain:
3) a list of associated Test Facilities and their contact details
4} a list of your Clients and their contact details
5) any web links (unless they target sections of the main web link)
6) any material we deem inappropriate.
Our decision on all the above is final.


A description of a YOUP and its interaction with the sites Search facility is described below.

The site SEARCH facility is fully described here. The search returns a page or list that contains the keyword – NOT the keyword itself. Thus if a Page contains a unique word or words which is used as a keyword then just that page is returned – giving the search facility the ability to pick out a particular Test House (from well over 350 listed at the last count) provided it has a YOUP!!

To allow you to see how this works we have created a dummy YOUP.

The unique words in this dummy YOUP are:
Company Name Fictitious Test House
Contact Name: Joe Blogs
Company Address: 22 Bruce Wallis Avenue, Lanark, South Lanarkshire, Scotland (Scotland is not Unique), ML11 9QA
Description: reverberation chamber
All of the other information in this YOUP is not unique.

Now put “Fictitious” in the Search bar below and see the result.

The Fictitious Test House page appears on its own. (This would be the result if you put any of the unique words into the Search bar)
Now put in “Scotland”, which is not unique. The Fictitious Test House page still appears along with three lists.

Thus the YOUP will appear in the search results provided the keyword is in the Youp!

A YOUP costs £GBP100 / $US 120 /€Euro115 per Year

Organisations that have multiple test houses can have a GROUP YOUP. Please call +44 (0) 7368 371717 to discuss your requirements.

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Please note :- the prices quoted above will be reviewed every year.