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Welcome to the EMC Events and Conferences calender – below you will see a selection of EMC or EMC related conferences, exhibitions and other events; divided by month and year right out to October 2028.

MAY 2024

The Electrostatic Discharge Association Event logo

IEDS 2024 is dedicated to the fundamental understanding of issues related to electrostatic discharge on design and system and the application of this knowledge to the solution of problems.
May 8-10, 2024, Hangzhou, China
Visit https://www.esda.org/events/3rd-international-eosesd-symposium-on-design-and-system-ieds for more information

EMC Fest

May 16, 2024, Livonia,Michigan, USA
Visit https://www.emcsociety.org/?page_id=35 for more information

EMC Japan logo for events and conferences
EMC Japan/APEMC Okinawa 2024

The organizers of EMC Japan/APEMC Okinawa are pleased to invite and encourage everyone involved in various fields of electromagnetic compatibility to participate in and contribute to this prestigious event, which will be held for the first time in the resort city of Okinawa.
May 20 – 24, Okinawa Japan
Visit https://www.ieice.org/~emc/2024/ for more information

EMC and Compliance International logo for their EMC event
EMC and Compliance International 2024

EMC and Compliance International, is the UK’s leading independent trade show focused on all aspects of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and compliance, with exhibitors from across sectors including electronics, electrical, industrial, aerospace, medical, military and more.
May 22nd and 23rd, 2024 Newbury Racecourse England
Visit https://www.emcandci.com/
for more information

June 2024

Surrey Hills Open Day

We invite you to join us for the grand opening of our Surrey Hills Center of Excellence for SAR, EMC, and radio testing, and regulatory compliance services. Limited space available; RSVP by May 31 to secure your ticket.

4 June 2024, Guildford, United Kingdom
Visit https://www.element.com/about-element/events/2024/04/16/surrey-hills-open-day for more information

PCB East logo for June event and conference
PCB East 2024

Network with peers, colleagues and experts. Connect with fabricators, assemblers and engineers from around the world. It’s the place to be in the Northeast. Get real, practical, in-depth training and information from leading industry experts.Improve your skills, increase your knowledge and learn from the best.

4 – 7 June, 2024 in Boxborough USA
Visit https://pcbeast.com/ for more information


You’ll find everything you need to support your role in design, manufacture and optimise medical devices, including specialist technology, materials and components, software, machines, applications and more.

5 – 6 June, 2024 in NEC Birmingham, UK
Visit https://med-techexpo.com/visit for more information

International Microwave Symposium 2024

IMS2024 is the premier event where thousands of RF and microwave professionals will gather this June for networking, education, and to visit the exhibition. For 70 years, IMS has brought together a unique mix of international experts presenting the latest research and showcasing the newest products and services.

16-21 June 2024, in Washington, DC
Visit https://ims-ieee.org/ for more information

International Conference on Antennas and Electromagnetic Systems logo for events and conferences
AES® 2024

The International Conference on Antennas and Electromagnetic Systems, brings together experts in the field of antennas, electromagnetics, propagation, and measurements. The conference is indexed by SCOPUS and serves as a multidisciplinary forum for discussing recent advancements and developments in the field. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including antenna theory and design, reconfigurable antennas, terahertz and nano-optical antennas, electromagnetic theory, metamaterials & metasurfaces, optics and photonics, nanophotonics, plasmonics, quantum optics, optoelectronics, scattering and diffraction, propagation theory, material characterization, and more.

25 – 28 June 2024 in Rome, Italy
Visit https://aesconference.org/AES24/index.php/AES/index for more information

July 2024


On behalf of the IEEE COMCAS 2023 Steering Committee, it is our pleasure to launch the 9th International IEEE Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, Biomedical Engineering and Electronic Systems (IEEE COMCAS 2023)
9-11 July 2024 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Visit https://www.comcas.org/ for more information

Logo of the ESD Association

 In July, 2024, we will embrace a brand new IEW-Asia event co-located with the International Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA2024). Now in it’s 17th year, IEW continues to provide a relaxed, invigorating atmosphere to present new work and engage in discussions about the latest issues confronting the ESD and EOS communities.
15-18 July, 2024 in Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
Visit https://www.esda.org/events/2024-asia-esd-workshop-asia-iew-co-located-with-ipfa-2024/ for more information

August 2024

IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI 2024

The Symposium will feature technical sessions, interactive workshops/tutorials, standards sessions, experiments and demonstrations, technical exhibition, as well as social events that provide valuable opportunities to network and build upon the success from last year’s event. 
August 5 – 9, 2024, Phoenix, Arizona USA
Visit https://www.emc2024.org/ for more information

September 2024

EMC Europe 2024 Symposium

The EMC Europe 2024 Symposium is poised to be a dynamic platform where leading experts, researchers, and practitioners will come together to share their latest findings, engage in vibrant discussions, and forge collaborations that will propel the field of EMC forward.
September 2 – 5, 2024 Bruges, Belgium
Visit https://emceurope2024.org/ for more information


September 15-20, 2024 Reno, Nevada USA
Visit https://www.esda.org/events/46th-annual-eosesd-symposium-and-exhibits for more information

October 2024

EMC Compo 2024

14th International Workshop on the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits
OCTOBER 7-9 2024 Turin, Italy
Visit www.emccompo2024.it for more information

AMTA 2024

46th​ ​Annual​ ​Meeting​ ​and​ ​Symposium​ ​of​ ​the​​ ​Antenna​ ​Measurement​ ​Techniques​ ​Association​, ​an international​ ​organization dedicated​ ​to​ the​ ​development​ ​and​ ​dissemination​ ​of​ ​theory,​ ​best​ ​practices​ ​and​ ​applications​ ​of​ ​antenna, radar​ ​signature​ ​and​ ​other​ ​electromagnetic​ ​measurement​ ​technologies.
October 27 – November 1,​ ​2024.Cincinnati, Ohio​ ​USA​ ​
Visit https://2024.amta.org/ for more information

August 2025

2025 IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI

AUGUST 18-22, 2025 Raleigh, North Carolina USA

September 2025

Logo of the ESD Association
47th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium and Exhibits

September 14-19, 2025, Riverside, California, USA

November 2025

AMTA 2025

November 2 – 7, 2025 Tucson, Arizona USA

September/October 2026

Logo of the ESD Association
48th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium and Exhibits

September 27 – October 2, 2026 Frisco, Texas, USA

November 2026

AMTA 2026

November 1 – 6 2026, Austin, Texas USA

September 2027

Logo of the ESD Association
49th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium and Exhibits

September 19-24, 2027, Riverside, California, USA

October 2028

Logo of the ESD Association
50th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium and Exhibits

October 8-13, 2028 Frisco, Texas, USA