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Generic EMC Books

Electromagnetic Compatibility

This book highlights principles and applications of EMC. The book provides effective solutions to practical engineering problems……read more

Electromagnetic Capability book
Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility - - In a Nutshell by Reto B. Keller
Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility–In a Nutshell

This open access book provides practicing electrical engineers and students a practical – and mathematically sound – introduction to the topic of EMC, by Reto B. Keller (444 pages)…..read more

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility

This provides thorough coverage of the techniques and methodologies used to design and analyze electronic systems that function acceptably in their electromagnetic environment. ….read more

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility by Clayton R Paul.
Electromagnetic Compatibility – Without Equations

the book explains only the practical aspects of EMC design without resorting to equations or mathematical derivations whatsoever. It has been designed in such a way that the designer can immediately incorporate EMC measures, by CHETAN KATHALAY (498 pages)…..read more

Book on EMC Principles and Applications
EMC Principles and Applications

This revised and expanded book provides comprehensive, coverage of the design, problem solving, and specifications of EMC into electrical equipment/systems for preventing EMI through cost-effective solutions…….read more

EMC Design & Test Case Analysis

An introduction to techniques for the design of electronic products from the EMC perspective. Covers normalized EMC requirements and design principles to assure product compatibility ….read more

EMC Design and Test book
EMC Pocket Guide Book
EMC Pocket Guide

Every electric product designed and manufactured worldwide must meet EMC regulations. If you are a working engineer or technician, the EMC Pocket Guide: Key EMC facts, equations and data is the first place to look while designing for EMC and your quide to thwarting EMI….read more.

EMC for Product Designers book
EMC for Product Designers

EMC for Product Designers, provides all the key information needed to meet the requirements of the EMC compliance standards. It shows how to incorporate EMC principles into the product design process, avoiding cost and performance penalties ….read more

Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook

As the number of electrical devices in use continues to grow, so do the challenges of ensuring the EMC of products . The EMC Handbook is an unprecedented compilation of the many guidelines, models, and rules-of-thumb used in EMC analyses, ……read more

Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook
Engineering EMC book.
Engineering Electromagnetic Compatibility

This practical, second edition will teach you to avoid costly post-design EMC fixes. Once again, V. Prasad Kodali provides an introduction to EMC and presents current technical information on sources of EMI, EMC/EMI measurements, computer simulation and design, and international EMC standards…..read more 

Electromagnetic Time Reversal

This book will familiarize the reader with the concept of electromagnetic time reversal, and introduce applications of the concept found in the areas of EMC and power systems. ……read more

Electromagnetic Time Reversal book.
Testing for EMC Compliance.

The Keep It Simple (KISS) philosophy is the primary focus of this book. It is written in very simple language with minimal math, as a compilation of helpful EMI troubleshooting hints. Its light-hearted tone is at odds with the extreme seriousness of most engineering reference works that become boring after a few pages. This text tells engineers what to do and how to do it…..read more

Testing for EMC Compliance Book
Electromagnetic Engineering book by Henry Ott.
Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering

“Henry Ott has literally ‘written the book’ on the subject of EMC. . . . He not only knows the subject, but has the rare ability to communicate that knowledge to others.”….read more

A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering

The book is a useful compendium of information covering all aspects of EMC with particular emphasis on practical issues of analysis, design and testing….read more

A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering
Principles of Electromagnetic Compatibility book by Bogdan Adamczyk
Principles of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Understand both the theory and practice of electromagnetic compatibility with this groundbreaking textbook, Bogdan Adamczyk, PhD (568 pages)…..read more


Book on Aerospace EMC
Handbook of Aerospace EMC

This is a groundbreaking book on EMC for aerospace systems that addresses both aircraft and space vehicles. This text deals with the testing of spacecraft components and subsystems, aircraft communication systems, and much more……read more 

Modeling and Design of EMC for High-Speed PCB’s and Packaging

This book presents the electromagnetic modelling and design of three major EMC issues related to high-speed PCB and electronic packages: signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and EMI……read more

A book on Modeling and Design for EMC for Printed Circuit Boards
PCB Design Techniques for EMC Compliance book
PCB Design for EMC Compliance

The simplified approach to PCB design is based on real-life experience, and knowledge. PCB Techniques for EMC Compliance will help prevent the emission or reception of unwanted RF energy generated by components and interconnects, thus achieving acceptable levels of EMC for electrical equipment….read more

EMC and the PCB book
EMC and the PCB

This accessible, new reference work shows how and why RF energy is created within a printed circuit board and the manner in which propagation occurs. With lucid explanations, this book enables engineers to grasp both the fundamentals of EMC theory and signal integrity and the mitigation process needed to prevent an EMC event…..read more

Handbook of Antennas for EMC by T Macnamara
Handbook of Antennas for EMC

This invaluable resource provides a thorough understanding of the practical aspects and underpinnings of antennas in EMC systems….read more

EMC for Installers

The integration of electronics in large systems and installations steadily increases. Power consumption decreases making equipment potentially more vulnerable to interference. The responsibility of the installer requires more in-depth knowledge to achieve and maintain EMC in the system or installation……read more

EMC for Installers book
Protection against Intentional Electromagnetic Threats

The modern microprocessor based electronic equipment most vulnerable to Intentional Destructive Electromagnetic Interferences (IDEI) includes High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) is in all substation equipment. The book discusses problems and solutions for all kinds of substation equipment……read more

Protection against Intentional Electromagnetic Threats book.
Intersystem EMC Analysis, Interference and Solutions book
Intersystem EMC Analysis, Interference and Solutions.

EMC issues need to be an initial consideration in design and deployment of electronic transmitters or receivers, or in deployed systems containing both. This book provides methodologies for defining EMC requirements for the device, platform, site, and techniques for performing predictions and calculations to achieve EMC ….read more

Body Area Communications book
Body Area Communications

An introduction to body area networks (BAN), this book focuses on three major parts: channel modeling, modulation/demodulation communications performance, and EMC considerations. The content is logically structured to lead readers from an introductory level through to in-depth and more advanced topics…..read more

Anechoic + Reverberation Chambers and Ranges

Reverberation Chambers

This book covers important and timely issues in Reverberation Chambers (RCs) and their applications to EMC and Antenna measurements…..read more

Reverberation Chambers book
Anechoic Range Design for Electromagnetic Measurements book

Anechoic Range Design

Simple rules for the design of an anechoic chamber, based on the required accuracy and parameters to be measured are described. Packed with examples and references, this book is a prime reference for any practitioner….read more

Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers book

Anechoic & Reverberation Chambers

Contains helpful illustrations, photographs, & practical examples Written for both academics and industrial engineers and designers, this book explores the most recent advances in anechoic chamber and reverberation chamber designs and measurements…..read more

Electromagnetic Anechoic Chambers

This handbook provides the designer/procurer of electromagnetic chambers with a single source of practical information on the full range of anechoic chamber designs. It reviews the current state of the art in indoor electromagnetic testing facilities and their design and specifications…..read more

Electromagnetic Anechoic Chambers book

Electromagnetic Shielding Books

Electromagnetic Shielding Book
Electromagnetic Shielding

This book provides a tightly focused, convenient, and affordable reference for those interested in this subset of topics. The author demystifies shielding and explains the source and limitations of the approximations, guidelines, models, and rules-of-thumb used in this field……read more

Architectural Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook

This book provides the practicing architect/engineer with a guide to electromagnetic shielding. This practical handbook is a one-stop source for every form of shielding enclosure now used in commercial and government test laboratories, communication and computer centers, and electromagnetic hardened facilities…..read more

This is an Architectural Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook
Advanced Materials and Design for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

With EMC now a major factor in the design of all electronic products, it is crucial to understand how EMI shielding products are used. Focusing on the practicalities of this area, This book comprehensively introduces the design guidelines, materials selection, and future potential of EMI shielding…….read more

Book about Advanced Materials for EMI Shielding

Electromagnetic Books

Book on Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Fields

The study of electromagnetic field theory is required for proper understanding of every device wherein electricity is used for operation. The proposed textbook on electromagnetic fields covers all the generic and unconventional topics including electrostatic boundary value problems involving two- and three-dimensional Laplacian fields and one- and two- dimensional Poissonion fields, and EMC. ….. read more

Electromagnetic Radiation

Our dependence on electromagnetic radiation includes transportation, communication, entertainment and health. Consequently electromagnetic fields interact with tissue structures of living systems as human beings, promoting a great interest in natural sciences while improving our knowledge to develop new and better diagnostic procedures……read more

A Book on Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic Theory for EMC Engineers

Engineers and scientists who develop and install electronic devices and circuits need to have a solid understanding of electromagnetic theory and the electromagnetic behavior of devices and circuits. In particular, they must be well-versed in EMC, which minimizes and controls the side effects of interconnected electric devices…….read more

Electromagnetic Theory for EMC Engineers Book

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Books

ESD Understand, Simulate + Fix Problems Book
ESD, Understand, Simulate & Fix Problems

The book begins with the basics of ESD and goes on to cover: Effects of ESD coupled to electronics: Principal ESD specifications: ESD diagnostics: and testing Design for ESD immunity. ESD is essential reading for all designers who want to avoid component failures, and random errors…..read more

The ESD Control Program Handbook
The ESD Control Program

Provides the understanding and practical skills needed to develop an effective ESD control program for manufacturing, storage, and handling of ESD sensitive components This essential guide to ESD control programs explains the principles and practice of ESD control in an easily accessible way …..read more

ESD Physics and Devices book
ESD: Physics and Devices

This volume is the first in a series of three books addressing ESD physics, devices, circuits and design across the full range of integrated circuit technologies. Voldman presents an introduction to the field for engineers and researchers requiring a solid grounding in this area……read more

Basic ESD and I/O Design book
Basic ESD and I/O Design

This volume presents an integrated treatment of ESD, I/O, and process parameter interactions that both I/O designers and process designers can use. It examines key factors in I/O and ESD design and testing, and helps the reader consider ESD and reliability issues up front when making I/O choices…..read more

ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits book
ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits

 This book examines the methods available for circuit protection. It provides guidance on the implementation of circuit protection measures, and Includes new sections on ESD design rules, layout approaches, package effects, and circuit concepts…..read more

System Level ESD Co-Design

An effective protection of electronic system against ESD specified by IEC 61000-4-2 is paramount for any system design. This book presents the collective knowledge of system designers and system testing experts for achieving system-level ESD protection….read more

System Level ESD Co-Design book
ESD and Electronic Equipment

This book explains how ESD is generated, and how it affects electronic equipment. This explanation brings ESD out of the realm of black magic and into the sphere of science. Even more important, this book explains how to design equipment to prevent ESD problems….. read more

ESD and Electronic Equipment Book
ESD Basics book
ESD Basics

This book introduces the fundamentals of ESD, electrical overstress (EOS), electromagnetic interference (EMI), EMC, and latchup, as well as provides a coherent overview of the semiconductor manufacturing environment and the final system assembly…..read more.

ESD Testing book
ESD Testing

With the evolution of semiconductor technology , testing of semiconductors to systems for ESD and electrical overstress (EOS) has increased in importance. This book updates the reader in the new tests, test models, and techniques in the characterization of semiconductor components for ESD, EOS, and latchup…..read more

ESD Design and Synthesis

ESD impacts semiconductor components and systems as technologies scale from micro- to nano-electronics. This book studies electrical overstress, ESD, and latchup from a whole-chip ESD design synthesis approach. It provides a clear insight into the integration of ESD protection networks from a generalist perspective…..read more

ESD Circuits and Devices book
ESD Circuits and Devices

ESD: Circuits and Devices provides a clear picture of layout and design of digital, analog, RF and power applications for protection from ESD, electrical overstress (EOS), and latchup phenomena from a generalist perspective and design synthesis practices providing solutions in advanced technologies…..read more.

ESD Failure Mechanisms and Models

This book studies electrical overstress, ESD, and latchup from a failure analysis and case-study approach. It provides a clear insight into the physics of failure from a generalist perspective, followed by investigation of failure mechanisms in specific technologies, circuits, and systems…..read more

ESD Failure Mechanisms and Models book.

Lightning Books

Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection book

Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection

This book presents an up-to-date review of lightning, including its hazards and protection techniques. The authors first discuss the effectiveness of conventional protective measures, supply technical advice and practical recommendations….read more

Lightning Physics and Effects book

Lightning Physics and Effects

This is the first book that covers all aspects of lightning, including lightning physics, lightning protection and the interaction of lightning with a variety of objects and systems as well as with the environment…..read more

Principles of Lightning Physics

presents and discusses the physical concepts that govern many lightning events in nature, including lightning interactions with man-made structures….read more

Principles of Lightning Physics book

Books of Interest

CE Marking for Low Voltage Directive book
CE Marking for the Low Voltage Directive

In this volume, you get the complete text of the Low-Voltage Directive along with a step-by-step overview and explanation of the certification procedure…..read more

Management of Electronic Waste book
Management of Electronic Waste

Holistic view of the current and future trends in electronic waste management, focusing on recycling, technologies, and regulations…..read more

CE Marking – of Electrical & Electronic Products

This book gives a step-by-step approach to CE marking of electrical and electronic equipment including risk assessment. It covers, in detail, five important directives viz. LVD, EMC, MDD, RED and the RoHS directives. by Chetan Kathalay (466pages)…..read more