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The worldwide EMC Training course scene is very complex. Given that EMC Training courses can be given to the public or in private; on or off-line, tailored or in-house, basic or advanced, and over a broad range of topics. Given that times change around the world, venues change and prices vary enormously, it is simply impossible for a single website to list all these courses.

We are therefore publishing a list of carefully Selected Training Courses, followed by a section dedicated to Private In-House Training Courses. The penultimate section is a list of Training Course Providers, with finally a section on Courses of Interest

Selected Training Courses

As well as selecting the courses below for both their relevance and their quality; we have chosen them because they are public/open-enrolment courses that are repeated on a regular basis.

CE and UKCA Marking Essentials

All companies that sell products on the European market must be able to demonstrate that the products meet applicable EU requirements. CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration to the authorities that the product meets all the requirements placed on it by the relevant Directives…..read more

ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories

The general requirement for the testing and calibration laboratories is critically important to both you and your customers. That’s why we have developed a short session that makes you aware of what requirements are and why is it important to ensure good laboratory practices…..read more

Requirements of the Medical Device Regulation for CE Marking

This one-day medical device training outlines the key requirements, concepts and overall process for CE marking under the medical device regulation. It’s suitable for anyone working in regulatory affairs/quality assurance or staff partnering with medical device manufacturers. …read more

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Prevention is always better than cure! Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) was originally developed in the 1960’s in the aerospace industry as a systematic method of identifying and investigating potential design or process weaknesses…..read more

Fundamentals of Acceptance Sampling

It is a statistical procedure, used in quality control, which involves testing a batch of samples to determine if the proportion of units having a particular attribute exceeds a given percentage, and are thereby accepted or rejected.

This course is an introduction into Acceptance Sampling…..read more

Fundamentals of Standards Creation

Do you want to know how standards are made? Have you ever wondered how International Organization for Standardization (ISO), The British Standards Institution (BSI), and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) work together to create standards?……….read more

We shall be adding Training Courses as we select them, and knowing that they will be repeated on a regular basis. This makes this page worth visiting on a regular basis.

Private/In-House Training Courses

We are compiling the details of our Private/In-House EMC training course programme, and we will be publishing it shortly. In the meantime, if you are considering organising such a course please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 07368 371717.

Training Course Providers

All the individuals or organisations listed below either organise or present EMC Training Courses. We have chosen these companies because the courses they present represent a major part of their business.


North Carolina USA – Telephone Number :- +1 919-963-2025


Staffordshire England – Telephone Number :- +44 (0) 1785 660247


California USA – Telephone Number :- +1 (714) 579-0500


Bavaria Germany – Telephone Number :- +49 9194 72620

EMC Services Elmiljöteknik AB

Moelnda Sweden – Telephone Number :- + 46 (0) 31 337 59 00

ESDA – Electrostatic Discharge Association – ESD

On-line only…….ESDA Website


Lombardy Italy – Telephone Number :- . +39 02 50731

Kimmel Gerke Associates, Ltd. – EMC

Arizona USA – Telephone Number :- +1-480-755-0080

LCR by Astrodyne

Pennsylvania USA – Telephone Number :- +1 (800) 527-4362

Product Approvals Ltd

Staffordshire England – Telephone Number :- 01588 238304  

Technology International Europe

Wiltshire England – Tel. No. :- +44 (0)1793 279233

Courses of Interest

Whilst we want the focus of this site to remain on EMC, it would be remit of us not to include training courses which we thought were worth bringing to the attention of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

To that end we have selected a number of courses, which you can view here, from the BSI Training Academy.

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Not even listed? Send your details to info@emc.laboratory-finder.eu.